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I married my best friend, Katie, when I was in college. 9 years later, we were living what we had been conditioned to believe was the "American Dream" - we had college degrees, I had a high paying job, some awesome kids of our own, we had a brand new house in the suburbs near excellent schools, and I even had my dream truck (Ford F-150!). But something was missing from our lives and it made us feel a bit hollow. That's when something happened that changed everything...

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We realized we had spent so much of our lives chasing things that made us comfortable, leading us to have a solid average life. In a moment of brutal honesty, we asked ourselves the following question: What would we be doing different right now if we had 10x the energy and money wasn't an issue? We gave ourselves permission to just dream for a moment and in that crazy, kid-like mental state, we came up with a version of our lives that we had been silently dreaming about for years. It was scary and felt impossible, but it inspired us and gave us something truly meaningful to strive for. We are now chasing that grand adventure and embracing the struggle, triumph, and heartache along the way.

  • B.S. in Chemical Engineering - Brigham Young University, 2015

  • Professional Engineer License #137006, Texas Board of Professional Engineers

  1. I have read more than a book per week for years, more than 99% of all people

  2.  I take action and implement what I learn. I fail faster than 99% of most people. This intense focus on the acquisition and application of knowledge in a wide array of subjects qualifies me for things most people simply can't do.


My results speak for themselves and are my best qualification. Check out my Projects page, a blog-style format where I share insights from specific projects I've worked on

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